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Cubietruck - First obstacles

During the setup I encountered the first two obstacles. The first one was during the installation. I followed this instructions to install the supplied image of Lubuntu to the NAND memory. I decided to install the server release, but the steps are the same. I installed it under windows, so I had to download the PhoenixSuite instead of the LiveSuite. The first obstacle I encountered was that after the board entered FEL mode it did not get recognised by the PhoenixSuite. I figured it must be the missing driver, Windows complained earlier after connecticting the Cubietruck. You can find the driver in \PhoenixSuit\Drivers and install it via the Windows Device Manager. Right click on the unknown device and install the driver.

The second obstacle was to fit the Cubietruck into the case I bought. Luckily the announcement post for case comes with detailed instructions. I suggest you follow them to the letter. Be careful with the IR receiver.


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