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To be honest...

... I did not touch the Cubietruck since I assembled it and I did not feel like posting links. So I had nothing to say. I blame stress at work, 3 weeks of holiday and Netflix. ;-)

If you are interested in following what I find interesting follow my submissions to Hacker News.

On "Today's Links"

Since I started this blog I tried to publish a "Today's links" post every day. But in the last few days I struggled to do so because I did not stumble upon a sufficient amount of interesting/remarkable links. And I don't always want to search for links to post.

The change that I add a small comment to each link works well, but I will try to get away from the "Today's Links" lemma. I thought about making a weekly post, but some links that are interesting today may not be as interesting when posted in a weekly post 5 days later.

From now on, if I find something interesting, I will try to post it right away on the same day. Regardless if I have only 1 interesting link or 7. I will keep commenting each link, of course.

The Links They Are A-Changin

I decided to change the format of Today's Links. For now I will still aim to have 3 links, one programming related, one technology related and one about spaceships/space/games. But I'm planning to add a small comment, abstract or similar to each one.


I was away for the last 2 days, so there's no real update on the C Challenge. I've spent the reminder of today enabling ReCAPTCHA for the comments because the spammers already found this blog and setting up a dedicated Debian VM for my exercises in C.

Preface is my (omnibrain's) new personal blog.

Planned topics include:

  • ABAP

  • Spaceships

  • Metal 

and many more.

Entries will be made in either English or German, depending on the topic.