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On Prometheus

Prometheus fell short in many places. But I think it's possible to fix the movie. You only need to make one smallish assumption:

What if the crew members were not selected for the mission because they are smart, but because they are idiots?

That would make perfect sense because science was not the real mission of the vessel. The real mission was to bring David (the only smart protagonist) and Peter Weyland to the planet. There were only morons chosen for the crew because they would be less likely to look behind the plot and to interfere.

EVE Online - Space Music

EVE Online is a game known for its tales of scams, deception, huge fights and little dramas. EVE may also be well known for its distinct graphics. One point that always get's the short end in the publics perception is the music of EVE. Veterans are always quick to say "EVE has sound?" but at the same time they fondly remeber their first steps into the game to to the spacey tunes of EVE's music.

Some time ago CCP decided to change EVE's ingame music system away from a player that plays the tracks more or less in order, mixed up when entering special areas of space, to a more dynamic system. This led to an outcry of people who were grown fond of some particular pieces of music. That's why CCP decided to put all of EVE's current ingame tracks on Soundcloud. Go and listen to them. It's worth it.

If you are now hooked and need more, or if you miss a particular piece of music you can check the following archives:

Serious Business - Data Leak Prevention

Taking the meta seriously (Part deux)

Spying and sabotage is big part of EVE's metagame. This is a very interesting post that looks into how Pandemic Legion, an important EVE Online Alliance seeks to prevent data leaks from there forums and to catch spies. Be sure to also read part one.

A different approach to catch spies used by Goonswarm of Something Awful origin is described in this comment on Reddit. They used a common signature with an embedded picture loaded from one of their servers to compare the timing of enemy posts with the IP logs.