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Serious Business - Data Leak Prevention

Taking the meta seriously (Part deux)

Spying and sabotage is big part of EVE's metagame. This is a very interesting post that looks into how Pandemic Legion, an important EVE Online Alliance seeks to prevent data leaks from there forums and to catch spies. Be sure to also read part one.

A different approach to catch spies used by Goonswarm of Something Awful origin is described in this comment on Reddit. They used a common signature with an embedded picture loaded from one of their servers to compare the timing of enemy posts with the IP logs.

Free Sci-Fi ebooks; Balancing Issues when Programming

Baen Free Ebooks

Baen Books is offering a lot, and I mean really a lot, of their Books as free download. They are usually the first books of series, so they are a great opportunity if you want to look into a new series. The downloads come in a great variety of formats.

More problem solving, less solution glorifying

When programming you need to find the right balance between solving a proplem and building a solution.