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From the Galaxy Nexus to the iPhone 5s

My Galaxy Nexus began to show it's age and so I started to look for alternatives. The Announcement of the Nexus 5 left me underwhelmed and because I almost always carry a Nexus 7 with me I don't need a bigger phone, but actually could go with a smaller phone. Decent small-size Android smartphones are virtually unexistend, however. The Nexus 7 became my main app platform and the centre of my mobile workflow, that's why I decided to explore some other platform. I thought about getting a Lumia, the Lumia 620 looked nice and small, the 920 would have had its own advantages. Basically I could not decide for one and started to wait for a good offer on either, after I missed a very good offer for the 620 on Around the same time it was time for my biannual extension of my contract. I decided to order an iPhone 5s because it offers the best resale value. But now looking for a new phone I said to myself: "Hey omni, why don't you try the iPhone?". So I went with the iPhone 5s in space grey.

The Hadware

I'm generally not a fan of bare metal but I like how the 5s feels in my hand. The unibody feels and looks like a geat piece of work. The buttons give good feedback. The display is crystal clear. The size is okay, if it wa my only device it would be too small. The form factor is a bit strange. The form factor of the (smaller) 4s pleases the eye more. The 5s reminds me a bit of a remote control, or an old banana phone.

The fingerprint unlock is cool and works flawlessly. It just feels right to unlock a device in this way. A neat detail is that after reboI thinkoting you still need to enter your unlock code.

The phone makes good photos and the audio quality (when actually using it as a phone) is good.

The akku runtime beats the Galaxy Nexus by days...

The Setup

The setup was easy. Put SIM in, connect to wifi, create apple account, connect to google account (for contacts). Ready. No Itunes involved. getting apps was a tiny bit more complicated. Everything asks for permission after permission and you have to accept eula after eula. And the app store demands my password all the time.

The Software

I like how everything feels quick, smooth and snappy. I always thought my Android devices were quick, smooth and snappy (though the Galaxy Nexus got slower over time) but now I see where the complainers come from. But the launcher or homescreen is pretty bad. The (standard) icons all come in candy colours and the whole look and feel is rather baroque. There is no way to arrange the icons besides ordering them another way, putting them into groups or shoveling them to another screen. And most importantly: There are no widgets. So to control my Sonos I have to open the app. To check the rain radar, I have to open an app. To check the headlines, I have to open an app. Luckily I still have my Nexus 7.

I don't like apples virtual keyboard. I have to see if there is an option to adjust the auto correct and to make the punctation marks easily reachable.


I think I will stay with the 5s for now. I like the hardware, I can live with the software. But I could not use it as my sole mobile device.